More Than 270 Prisoners in Three Prisons on Hunger Strike Over Alleged Human Rights Violations

Prisoners in Reci prison have gone on hunger strike following similar action in the Peqin and Shenkoll detention facilities.

It’s believed that some 100 prisoners have taken up the protest as they say they haven’t been allowed to see their family members in several months. The measure was taken during the pandemic but prisoners say that as lockdown measures have been lifted outside, the same should apply inside.

Currently around 100 prisoners in Peqin are striking along with another 70 in Shenkolli prison. They are calling on the authorities to listen to a list of demands relating to a number of human rights they say are being violated.

Prisoners ask state institutions to approve a general amnesty for a range of crimes, to facilitate the conditions for applying for parole, improve conditions inside the prison and better the treatment they get from security guards.