Albanians Spend 41% of Income on Food

The average Albanian household consisting of 3.7 persons, spends on average 82,235 ALL or EUR 663.64 per month on household expenses. 

Thisis according to the annual Household Budget Survey conducted by INSTAT for 2019.

These costs have increased by 5.6% when compared to the figures for 2019. Furthermore, the average prices of items increased 1.4% but the minimum wage only increased by 1.32% during the same time period.

Albanian families spent 41.3% of their income on food followed by 10.1% on housing, water, electricity and gas. Furnishing, maintenance, and household equipment accounted for 6.7% of expenditure, followed by clothing and footwear (5.2%), transport (4.9%), and restaurants and hotels (4.9%). According to the figures, Albanians increased their spending on recreation by 54%, clothing and footwear by 31.5%, and alcoholic beverages and cigarettes by 16.4%.

Specifically, a big increase in the amount of alcohol, clothes, meatl, and personal care products were noted.

In total, the average Albanian family spends 33,952 ALL on food and non-alcoholic beverages. This  is equivalent to 41.2% of their total monthly income. A further 10% is spent on housing expenditure including maintenance and utility bills and 7.3% on miscellaneous products.

As expected, Tirana noted the highest monthly average in terms of consumption expenditure, spending more than 16,000 ALL more than other parts of the country. Korcer and Fier were the second highest expenditure rates with differences of around 10,000 ALL and 4000 ALL respectively.

The areas with the lowest expenditure rates were Diber and Elbasan with 67,805 ALLand 68,903 ALLper month in total.