From: Alice Taylor
736 Rejections for Albanians Seeking Asylum in the EU, 4% Approval Rate

366 Albanians applied for asylum or protection in the EU Member States in July of this year. A further 139 repeat applications were filed.

While the number of applications is higher than in March, April, May, and June, it is lower than pre-COVID-19 levels. 

Prior to the pandemic, between 1000 and 2000 applications of both types were made in the EU every month.

In July 736 were rejected, 14 were given refugee status and 17 were given subsidiary protection. At the end of 2019, around 100 were given these kinds of protection each month in the EU. 

In terms of pending cases, 1,492 have been pending for less than a month and 3,118 have been pending for more than six months.

The EASO noted that asylum services are still not resumed fully in most countries and this has a pervasive impact on asylum trends. Overall in July, 43,000 application for international protection were filed.

28% of repeat applications were filed by Albanians. Russians filed 20% and Nigerians 25%. The recognition rate for Albanian citizens is around 4%.

Albania remains one of the leading countries in Europe and the top 10 countries in the world for asylum seekers in the EU.