From: Alice Taylor
Head of Ballsh Oil Worker’s Union Hospitalised with Heart Issues

The Head of the Ballsh Oil Workers Union, Sokol Dautaj has been hospitalised on the 12th day of hunger strike. 

Media has reported that he has suffered issues with his heart and is in a serious condition. He is currently in the hospital but will return to the premises of the strike.

The other nine individuals on strike are said to also be in a serious condition but remain locked inside a room where they are refusing entry to medical staff. The door was locked yesterday and they announced they would also stop drinking water

Dautaj had previously appealed to Prime Minister Edi Rama to intervene in the issue. The workers have not been paid by the company that was managing the Ballsh Oil Refinery

Rama said that he was not responsible for the issue and the strike was not necessary. He called for dialogue to resolve the situation. The protestors claim however that they’ve had no communication from institutions.