From: Exit Staff
Swedish and American Ambassadors Visit Unique Exhibition in Radhime

Ambassador to Sweden Elsa Hastad and Ambassador to the US Yuri Kim paid a visit to Galeria e Bregdetit in Radhime yesterday to visit the PHOTONS From the Sky to the Sea exhibit, curated by artist Donika Cina.

Kim was accompanied by Opposition MP Rudina Hajdari.

The exhibition included the work of six artists and was supported by the Swedish Arts Grants Committee. Cina, an Albanian curated the nine pieces of art from Swedish artists. They include Johan Osterholm, Lotta Tornroth, Mikaela Steby Stenfalk, Niklas Holmgren, Sjoerd ter Borg, Ylva Carlgren.

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The project seeks to bring together pieces that aren’t directly connected but that fit together to create a journey and build a new open-ended narrative.

“Through the combination of different personal and collective registers of thoughts and memories, these fragments work separately but open the trails to the other fragments of the whole, suggesting the role and intervention of the artist as the moderator of the discourse rather than the director thereof,” the exhibition blurb states.

The gallery is a part of the Hotel Picasso complex and the exhibition is open until