From: Exit Staff
Former EU Integration Minister Levies Strong Criticism at Albanian Justice Reform

Justice reform is stalling instead of being a success story that would clean up the Albanian judiciary and immediately open negotiations with the EU.

This statement was made by the former Minister of European Integration, Majlinda Bregu. She was once one of the main supporters of the justice reform. Bregu voiced her criticisms on TV show “In a few words” on Euronews.

The former Minister stated that “the formula with which the vetting was presented in Albania caused more delays instead of giving the expected results”.

Due to Albania’s experience with an erroneous vetting process, the vetting has been ruled out as a suitable option for justice in other countries that want to reform the judiciary.

“None of the other countries, whether those in the process [of EU integration] such as North Macedonia, or Kosovo, or Bosnia and Herzegovina will go through the vetting process,”.  Even those that are currently negotiating like Serbia and Montenegro will have “a completely different approach to changing certain laws but not to a vetting system”.

Bregu stated that the vetting is the main reason why the country has remained without a Constitutional Court and a Supreme Court and now the real questions are “was the vetting process in this formula as it should be, or there could have been a formula that did not interfere” in the election of the judiciary.