From: Bledar Qalliu
EU, US Ambassadors Urge Prosecutors to Crack Down on Corruption in Albania 

The EU and US Ambassadors to Tirana urged the new justice institutions to crack down on corruption in Albania. 

During a conference on anti-corruption in Tirana on Tuesday, EU Ambassador Luigi Soreca stated that corruption in Albania is widespread, and that he hoped that prosecutors of the newly estableshed  Special Anti-Corruption and Orhanized Crime Prosecution (SPAK) would soon crack down on it.

He noted that many EU member states are concerned about the level of corruption in Albania, and highlighted the importance of investigating suspected senior officials.

Both ambassadors expressed their trust in prosecutors, as well as their belief that the latter’s fight against corruption would strengthen public trust in them.

US Ambassador Yuri Kim said that in times of a pandemic corruption could mean life or death for many. She strongly urged the new justice institution to meet public expectations.