From: Exit Staff
Heavy Fines for Not Wearing a Mask, Here’s When You Do and Don’t Need to Wear One

Tomorrow the mandatory wearing of masks will be required in public throughout Albania. Those found violating the rules will have to pay a fine of 3000 ALL (EUR 24). Should they be caught a second time, the fine will increase to 5000 ALL (EUR 40).

The minimum salary in Albania is 26,000 ALL. (EUR 210) a month but many work part time or informally meaning the figure could be much lower.  Two fines would equate to almost a third of the monthly minimum wage.

The announcement was made during a press conference with Albana Fico, Head of the Institute of Public Health. 

She said that citizens will be monitored by the police and the fines will be added to the electricity bill.

There will be some exemptions to the rules. Exit brings you a guide to when and where masks should and should not be worn, as per the IPH press conference.

When you are required to wear a mask

  • As soon as you leave your house, on the street, and off your private property;
  • In common areas of your apartment including the lift, hallway, and entrance;
  • In any shop, supermarket, or commercial activity;
  • On all public transports including busses and taxis;
  • In parks and public squares;
  • At work, in offices, public and non-public institutions;
  • In leisure locations such as the theatre, cinema, museum, library or event;
  • Before and after eating food/drinking in a cafe, bar, or restaurant;
  • When driving a motorcycle with a non-family member;
  • When caring for someone with COVID-19 at home;
  • In all religious institutions;
  • At the dentist before and after treatment;
  • In beauty salons and hairdressers;
  • In all educational and healthcare institutions.

When you are not required to wear a mask

  • When you have a valid medical certificate and a condition that could be impacted by the use of a mask;
  • People in the company of someone who needs to see lips to understand communication, for example, those that are deaf of hard of hearing;
  • During most sporting activities;
  • Those traveling alone on a bike, motorbike, or scooter;
  • When you are alone in the car with a family member;
  • In activities such as swimming in a pool or the sea;
  • At home with close family members.