From: Alice Taylor
Rama: Mandatory Mask Wearing to Avoid Second Lockdown

Prime Minister Edi Rama has said that the introduction of mandatory mask-wearing in Albania is to avoid a second lockdown.

During a press conference yesterday, Rama stated that the decisions were taken only for this reason and has nothing to do with fines.

“Fines are not the reason why people should wear a mask. The main motive is to avoid another closure. That would be too heavy for everyone and it’snoth worth risking such a blow. It’s not a question of fines at all.”

Over the weekend, the government announced that from this week, masks would be mandatory. Health Minister Ogerta Manastriliu clarified the new rules would apply from tomorrow, Thursday 15 October.

The only exemptions accepted by the authorities will include those with allergies or asthma. They will be required to have a certificate from their doctor that they must present when asked. This was announced by Manastirliu on Opinion, last night.

People will be required to wear masks in all public places, closed and open, except for when they are eating and drinking in a restaurant or cafe. State Police will be monitoring the streets and fines will be added to the monthly water bill.

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