From: Die Morina
Serbian Activist Urges Vucic to Apologise to Families of Kosovo War Victims

Serbian human rights activist Natasa Kandic has called on President Aleksandar Vucic to issue a public apology to the families of the victims of the Kosovo war.

Kandic, who is also the director of the Humanitarian Law Center in Serbia, stressed that the public admission of guilt cannot be made in closed meetings.

“The public admission of guilt means that you have to address to victims’ families,” said Kandic during a Tv show “Debate Plus” in Prishtina based TV Dukagjini.

“You publicly apologise and take responsibility and this cannot be done in the closed meetings, after which participants say that the president has apologized,” she added.

She also called for clarification of the causes of death of those victims whose bodies were found. She said that in the Batajnica mass grave, no autopsy was done to determine the causes of death.

Kandic adds that this was one of the ways to hide evidence of crimes.

“The mortal remains have in fact shown that the deaths were violent and that in most cases they came as a result of gunshots fired from a close distance,” Kandic said.