From: Exit Staff
US Ambassador Calls Out State News Agency for Misrepresenting Her Statements

US Ambassador to Tirana Yuri Kim accused the Albanian Telegraphic Agency (ATSH), the state news agency, of misinformation about her statements at the anti-corruption conference.

The ATSH published an article with the title “Ambassador Kim: Let the government demonstrate that it’s working for the citizens. Applaud for Gjonaj.”

In a Twitter post on Wednesday, the ambassador wrote:

“This title is misleading and needs to be corrected. This is not what I said.”

“Here you find what I said”, the ambassador writes, posting her news from the official website of the Embassy. In her remarks, she noted that Albania was “starting to show results.” She also levied criticisms against the government.

“There are serious obstacles to achieving the good governance that the people of Albania deserve.  These obstacles include corrupt officials; a justice sector captured by political interests; journalists either co-opted or threatened for reporting corruption; public offices used to promote or defend personal or party interests; state-owned enterprises that prioritize patronage or cronyism over efficient and effective operations; and state-officials interested in promoting self-interests over good governance to maintain their control.”

The Ambassador also said that optimism had to be instilled by the government showing that it’s “working on behalf of the citizens and not on behalf of narrow vested interests, or to line the pockets of politicians or their political parties.  The citizens of Albania, like all citizens around the world, deserve good governance.  They deserve to have confidence that public funds – the money that comes from the sweat of their labour – are being used to improve their daily lives.”

It did not include any praise for Minister of Justice Etilda Gjonaj.

The Telegraphic News Agency is the state news agency run by Armela Imeraj, former spokeswoman for Prime Minister Rama.