From: Exit News
Chief Prosecutor Urges Prosecutors to Heed Media Information on Crime Assets

Albania’s chief prosecutor Olsian Çela has urged prosecutors to pay attention to media information regarding crime assets in their work.

In a meeting with Korça prosecutors on Friday, he warned that the number of investigations on financial crimes in the district have been low.

“The number of criminal offenses investigated and those related to financial crime is low in Korça. This calls for a proactive approach,” he stated.

Prosecutor Çela argued that a special section to fight crime assets should be established in the district.

He urged prosecutors to maintain their independence, and be active in launching investigations.

“Any information related to criminal assets should be used. Media information should not be neglected,” Çela stated.

Ten days ago, he raised the alarm over crime controlling the city of Elbasan. The ruling Socialists were quick to refute the chief prosecutor’s assessment.