From: Die Morina
Prime Minister Edi Rama Disrespects Journalist on Live Television

Verbal attacks towards journalists from politicians remains a serious issue in Albania.

While speaking on a TV Show ‘Opinion’, the Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama refused to answer a question from the well- known journalist Fatjona Mejdini, and instead made several personal comments.

The Prime Minister’s anger came after the journalist intervened asking a question while Rama was answering a previous one asked by another journalist in the studio.

“When I see young [journalists] I say hopefully you have better habits, but you instead you come and you are worse than those who are veterans,” Rama told Mejdini as she was insisting to ask her question.

“Calm down, when it’s your turn, you ask questions,” he added.

Fatjona Mejdini told Exit that PM Rama showed his intolerance in being questioned and being held accountable for his job.

“His attitude toward me was no different from the one that he has shown for a long time toward any journalist or media that questioned his actions,” she said.

Exit reported that Prime Minister Edi Rama, in particular, has been repeatedly called out for his aggressive, threatening, and abusive language used against the media. Despite calls to change his rhetoric from local and international watchdogs, he continues unabated.

Mejdini said that it does not make her feel intimidated, “in fact quite opposite”.

“I will continue as always to counter his narratives and scrutinize the work of the government, having the best interest of citizens in mind. This is what journalists do, and Rama needs to get used to this fact,” she concluded.