From: Die Morina
Kosovo’s Independence Is Irreversible in Biden-Harris’ Vision

Kosovo’s Independence is “irreversible”, in the vision of U.S. Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden.

The Albanian-American newspaper, Illyria press published an undisclosed email communication between the campaign and the Albanian community, which has been summed up under a Biden-Harris letter title by the media. However, it was not issued as such in the campaign’s official website.

Joe Biden’s vision for U.S. Relations with Kosovo and Albania will reverse the Trump Administration’s “imbalanced approach toward Kosovo and Serbia, restoring fairness and equity in the relationships and working toward greater cooperation.”

It says that Biden will work with the European Union to revitalize the dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia with the goal for a “comprehensive settlement between the two countries that respects Kosovo’s territorial integrity and achieves full mutual recognition.”

Biden insists that justice for war crimes be pursued without fear or favor. He demands full and swift accountability of all missing persons, including the Bytyqi Brothers.

The three Bytyqi brothers – Ylli, Agron and Mehmet – were American citizens of Albanian origin who joined the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA), and were arrested by Serbian forces after the war ended, when they crossed the unmarked Serbia-Kosovo border, in 1999. They were executed on July 1999.

Democratic Congressman Eliot Engel last year took the floor of the House Foreign Affairs Committee to call for justice on the case.

Schengen area visa liberalization is another issue mentioned in Biden’s “will-do list” in relations with Kosovo. Biden’s campaign says he will encourage the EU to grant free visa regime to Kosovo.

Regarding Albania, the letter reads that bilateral relations will be strengthened to ensure Albania remains a strong NATO ally. The focus will be on expanding economic and trade relations between the two countries, and having honest conversations on democratic values.

Biden promises to support Albania on its path to EU membership.

“That means helping Albania to make the difficult reforms — including on rule of law, anti-corruption, and judicial and election reforms — required to move forward. It also includes working to make sure the EU’s doors remain open to countries like Albania when they are ready,” the letter reads.