From: Exit News
LSI Chairwoman Blames Government for Women Oil Workers’ Hunger Strike 

The chairwoman of the opposition’s Socialist Movement for Integration (LSI), Monika Kryemadhi has blamed Prime Minister Edi Rama for the situation that has pushed Ballsh refinery oil workers to enter a hunger strike.

Kryemadhi told women oil workers in hunger strike during a visit on Saturday afternoon that the head of the government is to blame for their situation.

Ballsh refinery oil workers claim they haven’t been paid wages for a year. 

The refinery is run by a private company.

The government says the matter should be settled between the two parties, and that it has no responsibility and cannot interfere.

Four days ago, women workers replaced 10 sick men workers in the ongoing 22-day hunger strike.

On Sunday, the LSI publicly posed several questions to the government regarding the selling of the refinery to the private company, alleging that legal violations have been committed.