From: Exit News
‘A Second Lockdown Would Kill Us,’ Albanian Prime Minister Warns

The government of Albania is trying to avoid a second lockdown, which would be devastating for the country’s economy, according to Prime Minister Edi Rama.

“The second lockdown will kill us. It will be devastating for both our families and the economy as a whole,” Rama told Polish Business Insider magazine in an interview published on Monday.

He said the government wants to avoid it but that it ultimately depends on Albanians whether a second lockdown will be absolutely necessary. 

“We want to avoid it, but it will depend largely on whether our society will comply with this requirement,” Rama argued.

Damian Szymański, the journalist interviewing Rama in Tirana, noted that Albanians seemed to have a frivolous attitude to the new restrictions and the requirement to wear a mask in public.

“It is enough to walk the streets of Tirana to see that most of the passers-by do not wear masks, and only a few comply with the Prime Minister’s appeal,” he noted. This is despite frequent police patrols and thousands of fines.