From: Exit Staff
Ballsh Workers Refuse Rama’s Call to End the Strike

The Albanian Prime Minister, Edi Rama called on the Ballsh refinery oil workers who have been on hunger strike for 22 days, to end the strike and sit for talks with him.

Rama wrote on Twitter that he is ready to talk to refinery oil workers without pressures and ultimatums.

“I fraternally invite them to end the strike and I am ready to sit down and talk to them about this common problem, but not in this way! Not this way, because pressures and ultimatums do not work in any family and Ballsh workers are no exception to this non-negotiable principle!,” Rama wrote.

The oil workers have refused Rama’s invitation.

Responding to Rama’s statement, the oil refinery workers said that they do not put pressure, but their situation is really worrying, with salaries of more than a year unpaid.

They answered that the strike will end after government signs an agreement with the managing company on the arrears.

The workers said that it is their right to be distrustful because they have been constantly lied to by the government and the management company.