IPI Condemns Gun Attack on Kosovo Journalist’s Car

From: Exit News
IPI Condemns Gun Attack on Kosovo Journalist’s Car

The International Press Institute has condemned the gun attack against Kosovo journalist Shkumbin Kajtazi’s car on Sunday.

“We strongly condemn this latest attack on the car belonging to Shkumbin Kajtazi and urge authorities to Kosovo to thoroughly investigate to identify who is behind them,” an IPI statement read on Monday.

“Such acts of intimidation have a chilling effect on media freedom and pose a serious threat to the safety of journalists in Kosovo,” they added.

Kajtazi’s car was hit in the early morning hours of Sunday in the city of Mitrovica, Kosovo.

Half a dozen of bullets were shot on the car windows, driver’s seat, on the roof and in the back.Kajtazi considered the attack a threat related to his work as journalist.

IPI called on Kosovo police to investigate the case swiftly.

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