From: Alice Taylor
Protests Against Greek Foreign Minister Results in Arrests

The leader of the Vetëvendosje Movement in Albania, Boiken Abazi, was arrested today by police in Tirana.

His arrest was allegedly about him participating in the protest in front of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs against the division of the territorial maritime borders with Greece.

Vetëvendosje released a statement in which they claimed that Abazi’s arrest was ordered.

“This arrest is typically ordered. The arrest was made before the rally started, even before Boiken Abazi arrived at the place announced for the rally “, announced LVV.

Vetëvendosje accused Prime Minister Rama of “targeting Vetëvendosje and Boiken Abazi [..], wanting to offer a violent gift to the Greek visitor”.

LVV called on police to release Abazi:

“Rama cannot stop us with targeted arrests. We call for the release of Boiken Abazi and for the perpetrators to be punished for the political persecution and targeting they are inflicting on us! ”

This morning, crowds gathered in front of the ministry as people protested the meeting between Albanian Minister Gent Cakaj and Greek Minister Nikos Dendias.

Some 22 arrests were made who were members of the PDIU party. The party, headed by Shpteim Idrizi represents the Cham community. They believe that priority should be given to discussing the complex issues of Cham’s, Albania and Greece, rather than the maritime deal.

Idrizi claims that Prime Minister Edi Rama is “owned by Greece” and that the arrests were shameful. He also said he would never forgive the Greeks for the massacre of the Albanians of Chameria and the end of World War II.