From: Alice Taylor
Opposition Levies Criticism at SPAK for Failure to Start Incinerator Investigation

Chairman of the Democratic Party Lulzim Basha has criticised SPAK for failing to start the investigation into the controversial incinerator tenders.

He spoke out against the Special Anti-Corruption Prosecution for making no progress with the three complaints that have been filed against the government deal.

During his daily press conference, Basha said that. SPAK was keeping its mouth closed. He added that he wouldn’t get tired of asking SPAK to do its job.

He also levied criticism against Head of SPAK, Arben Kraja.

“Mr. Kraja, you are protected bythe mafia, you have Euro-Atlantic support, and you are paid better than anyone in the region…You must punish corrupt politicians. Kraja and SPAK you must open your mouths and tell Albanians that bread is being stolen from them every day.”

Kraja’s appointment to the head of SPAK was controversial in itself as it was found he had worked as an investigator for the Communist regime. He worked in Shkodra and was involved in investigating a criminal case where two people were indicted for trying to escape the country during the dictatorship.

The cases of Albania’s incinerators were referred to SPAK following suspicions of corruption, falsifying documents,and violating tender procedures.