From: Exit Staff
Turkey Exports Anti-Drone Systems to Albania

Albania has purchased an anti-drone system from a Turkey-based defence firm, according to the Turkish state and pro-government media.

National War Technologies Defense Systems Inc. based in Antaya has been manufacturing anti-drone kit for around 25 years. The system, including an early warning system for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), has been exported to Albania and Qatar.

The two countries are the first to have purchased the projects from abroad and the company said negotiations are ongoing with other countries.

Research and Development Coordinator for the company, Bekir Yalcin told the media that the company was producing jammers and was manufacturing anti-drone systems in line with the demands of the Turkish Armed Forces.

They are reportedly for use against drones that are carrying drugs, bombs, or other kinds of illegal items.

Yalcin said that the “IHAMAX” product that was exported to Albania is superior to other products in its field, weighs around 4kg and provides linear and circular protection for up to 2km.