From: Bledar Qalliu
‘Joe Biden Is a Serb Hater,’ Says Bosnia’s Serb Leader

The leader of the Republika Srpska, Milorad Dodik has called the U.S. Presidential candidate Joe Biden a “Serb hater”, local N1 News TV reported on Friday.

Dodik urged Serbian Americans to vote for his opponent, Donald Trump, in the November election.

“Serbs will probably not vote for Biden, who is an ordinary Serb hater and gathers around himself those who, if they come to power, will surely direct everything against our community in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and in a political sense even against Croats,” Dodik was quoted saying in Republika Srpska today.

Most recently, Biden expressed his view on the Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) in his statement commemorating the 25th anniversary of the Srebrenica Genocide, in which Serbian troops massacred 8,372 innocent civilian Muslim Bosniaks in an operation that lasted about 10 days.

He confirmed his firm support of BiH’s territorial integrity, which Dodik repeatedly threatens to undo by having Republika Sprska secede if given the opportunity.

Biden was one of the many who called for an end to violence in BiH before the Srebrenica massacre, after which MP Aleksandar Vucic, now the country’s president, was among those who successfully threatened the international community not to retaliate against Serbia. “For every Serb killed, we will kill 100 muslims,” Vucic threatened the world in parliament a few days after the massacre.

Biden has promised to demand that justice be done for the victims in Srebrenica, and that those who carried out war crimes be held accountable.

If elected, he has also promised to demand justice for the three American Albanian brothers executed by the Serbian state while in custody in 1999, and to promote Kosovo’s independence.