From: Exit News
Vetting Appeals Reinstates Dismissed Judge in First Case of Justice Reform 

The Special Appeals Chamber (KPA) has reinstated the former chair of the Shkodra Appeals Court, Fuat Vjerdha, by overturning the decision of the Independent Qualification Commission (KPK).

The KPA panel voted unanimously against the lower vetting panel.

Judge Vjerdha was dismissed in June 2019, after the KPK found his declaration of assets unconvincing. He is one of the two judges who voted against the reduction of Dritan Dajti’s life sentence to 25 years in prison. Dajti was found guilty of killing four police officers.

Today’s decision marks the first revocation of a KPK decision by a higher vetting panel since the vetting began about three years ago.

The vetting appeals panel has either upheld the KPK decision or dismissed judges and prosecutors who were confirmed in duty by the lower vetting panel.