From: Exit Staff
Kosovo-Serbia Brussels Dialogue Scheduled for Thursday, RFE Reports   

Brussels talks at expert level between Kosovo and Serbia will resume on Thursday, October 29, diplomatic sources told Radio Free Europe.

A meeting was planned to take place in late September but EU envoy Miroslav Lajcak announced it was postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic..

Financial and property issues are expected to be discussed in the upcoming meeting.

Kosovo will be represented by the state coordinator for dialogue, Skender Hyseni, and Serbia by Marko Djuric.

The dialogue between the two countries resumed on July 16th, with several meetings between the heads of governments, as well as expert level meetings having taken place since then.

Disagreements on whether the Kosovo Association of Serb Municipalities (ASM) should be renegotiated brought the dialogue to a standstill for about a month.

It seems to have been resolved after Lajcak visited Kosovo and Serbia regarding the issue. 

Lajcak said that during the dialogue the two parties have to agree on all details of how they will implement the ASM once they have signed a final agreement.