From: Exit Staff
Albanian Helsinki Committee: Vetting Process Slow and Non-Transparent

The vetting process has been slow and non-transparent. These are two of the findings reported by the Albanian Helsinki Committee related to the vetting process during 2019.

AHC claims that during 2019, 129 re-evaluation processes were carried out in the Independent Qualification Commission and 34 decision-making processes in the Special Appellate Panel.

KPC confirmed in office 52 or 40% magistrates while 48 others were fired. A further 28 resigned.

The Special Appellate Panel did not reinstate anyone except in two cases where the Public Commissioner resigned.

The report further states that the process proceeded at a slow pace and the KPC during the hearings did not make a full presentation of the findings from the magistrate’s investigation.

“[…] We consider that the process has continued at a slow pace throughout 2019, referring to the number of re-evaluated entities and the frequency of public hearings. From the public hearings monitored in KPC it is noticed that there have been cases of non-reporting in full or even partial, of some results of interest to the public that has produced the administrative investigation and especially related to the denunciations of citizens.

AHC also found that most decisions are published late by the KPC.