From: Exit Staff
Albanian Montenegrin Leader Dritan Abazović Receives Death Threat

Dritan Abazović, the URA coalition leader in Montenegro, has received life threatening messages, prompting the police to seek Interpol’s help to detain the author.

The Albanian leader of the Montenegrin party, who came out as kingmaker from the last elections, was threatened on Facebook on October 10 by a 63-year-old man residing in Sweden, RFE/REL reported. The man seemed to oppose URA’s coalition with Serbian parties.

“Abazović, if you continue to associate with the Chetniks, you will be killed (God forbid), but that awaits you,” he wrote on Facebook.

The young political leader reportedly told the police that he doesn’t feel threatened, however the police are investigating the case.

URA has agreed to be part of Montenegro’s new government, which will be led by the leader of “For the future of Montenegro” coalition, Zdravko Krivokapić. Abazović has pledged to keep the country in NATO, and in its pro-Western, EU path, after election campaign promises by the winning Serbian parties to strengthen ties with Russia.