From: Exit Staff
Heads of Prosecution Offices to be Appointed Without Passing Vetting

The High Prosecution Council will appoint the heads of the prosecution offices without them going through the vetting process.

In an approved decision, the KLP on Wednesday amended the regulation on the recruitment and criteria of prosecutors.

Under the new changes, the KLP will conduct its own re-evaluation of candidates for heads of prosecutors’ offices, without waiting for vetting commissions.

Also, KLP has decided to check the assets and figures of the candidates who have passed the re-evaluation process by KPC and KPA.

The decision of the HJC comes after the 29 prosecutors of judicial districts and 6 appellate prosecutors that Albania has, only 3 have a permanent appointment, while the rest are temporary.

The head of KLP, Gent Ibrahimi argued that the changes are due to the pace of vetting.

“When we first approved the regulation, we were not aware of the pace of the re-evaluation process, and for this reason, it was anticipated that vetting institutions would be expected for a three-month period,” Ibrahimi told BIRN.