From: Exit Staff
Germany Wants ‘New Deal’ with the US after Election

Germany will seek a diplomatic “new deal” with the US after the November 3rd election, German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas has said, Deutsche Welle reported. The minister added that multilateralism, not nationalism, is needed in trans-Atlantic relations.

“We will approach Washington with proposals promptly after the election — and propose a trans-Atlantic ‘New Deal,'” Maas told the Tagesspiegel am Sonntag newspaper on Sunday.

Germany will push for the resetting of the Germany-US relations independently of the US election result.

Maas refused to express his wish for the result, saying it wouldn’t be diplomatic: “It is not a German decision, but the democratic election of the Americans,”  he noted.

Germany’s top diplomat stressed that the US administration  must stop considering the EU an enemy: “We had to listen to Trump describing China, Russia and the EU in one breath as the USA’s greatest enemies. This has to come to an end,” Maas highlighted.

He argued that global issues such as trade, climate protection, the coronavirus pandemic and digitalization need cooperation between big powers.

President Donald Trump told his supporters on Saturday that Germany, China and Iran wanted him out of the White House.

His rival, Joe Biden, who sees the US strength in the tradition of trans-Atlantic cooperation, is the favorite candidate for the Europeans, according to a poll from last week.