From: Alice Taylor
Luigi Soreca Calls for Inter-Party Dialogue and Cooperation for EU Accession

EU Ambassador Luigi Soreca has appealed to parties to co-operate for the common good of the country: the country’s EU integration.

In a Twitter post, Soreca writes that the country has made progress, and is now close to meeting the conditions set by the EU ahead of the First Intergovernmental Conference:

“Albania has continued to make progress and last March made a big step towards the EU when the European Council decided to open negotiations.

Now Albania is close to meeting the conditions. At this critical moment, all political parties must invest in building the necessary political consensus, and all independent institutions must deliver the necessary results to pursue the overall goal they share, Albania’s EU integration. This is what over 90 per cent of Albanians want. “

Earlier, Soreca also spoke about how the country’s integration into the EU will improve the lives of citizens.

In comments given to Radio Tirana International, Soreca said that all countries that enter the EU, change for the better. Considering that 93% of Albanians want the EU path, Albania has no other way but integration. The first step towards this is opening negotiations but this can only happen with political will and an end to improvisation.

“Everyone should invest in political dialogue, in integration. If there is one element we know that parties unite over, it’s integration as 93% of Albanians want it. The accession process will require more technical capacity in society for dialogue. Europe will be closer if negotiations start, two things are key; political will, a competition of ideas, and finding solutions. Albanian citizens want solutions.”

“There is no other way for Albania,” he said.