627 Fines Handed Out for Non-Compliance With Mask Wearing

627 people received administrative fines from the State Police for failing to wear a mask as mandated in public.

Two business owners were fined for not adhering to COVID-19 protocols.

The State Police announced that the 627 people were fined 3000 ALL each (EUR 24) while administrators were fined 1 million ALL (EUR 8000).

Police reported that those who were not carrying ID or who refused to show it, were accompanied to the police station, fined, and then released.

They called on the public to respect the rules including mask-wearing and mandatory self-quarantine in cases of those affected by COVID-19.

“The State Police is at the service of citizens, to protect their lives and health, and therefore it is important to implement this protection measure because it prevents infection with COVID-1,” they said.