From: Alice Taylor
Female Ballsh Hunger Strikers Say They’re Being Threatened

The female oil workers who are on the 22nd day of hunger strike in Ballsh have said they are receiving threats via SMS to end their protest.

They told the media that they will not surrender, despite the situation getting tougher both physically and psychologically.

“We have had private messages and calls and these are partisan. We owe it to ourselves not to hear those threatening calls and leave the strike.”

They said they hope that Prime Minister Edi Rama will visit them to engage in dialogue with them.

“We need to be close to our families, not here, so we want a solution as soon as possible…we are not ending the strike.”

After 22 days without food and two protestors hospitalised, the political standoff does not appear to be nearing its end. Rama has repeatedly said he will not be “pressured” to comply with their demands while they are still on strike and they must end the strike in order to engage in dialogue. The protestors have said they will not end the strike until there is a guarantee that their demands- receiving wage arrears and resuming work- are met.