From: Exit Staff
Rama Says PS Needs Third Term to Fulfil Promises

Prime Minister Edi Rama in the plenary session on Thursday for the approval of the draft budget 2020 again demonstrated that this is a budget tailored for the election year.  

Rama said that the 2020 budget envisages the implementation of the government’s promises before the 2020 elections.

“In this budget, it is confirmed that in Albania there will be no salary below 30,000 ALL. ( EUR 240). Small business by 2029 will pay zero profit tax and zero VAT up to $ 100 thousand turnovers. 40% salary increase for doctors and nurses, from 1 January. Fuel for agriculture will not have a fiscal burden.”

The Prime Minister also responds to the accusations of not keeping the promise of free health care.

“Free health care is not a promise like the tax abolition said today and done tomorrow. It is a big project, towards which steps have been taken. We want a third term to do all the projects.”

He was optimistic about the April 25 elections, saying that the SP is the only alternative for all citizens.