From: Exit Staff
Taulant Balla Demands Investigation of Judges Fired by Vetting

The head of the Socialist Party. parliamentary group, Taulant Balla, said the government would invest $ 53m in justice reform by hiring 668 staff.

During his speech in parliament, Balla demanded the punishment of judges and prosecutors who were dismissed as a part of the vetting process.

“In the justice reform, we provide another $ 53 million for 668 additional staff. And I take this opportunity to continue to express my full support for the historic process of cleansing the judiciary of those corrupt judges and prosecutors by encouraging further vetting and the crackdown on any judge or prosecutor who continues to bargain with justice as is the case recently. Revealed by the media in the country, where judges and prosecutors in full awareness of the failure of vetting continue to trade with justice. These are serious acts that will not go unpunished.”

Balla also demanded the investigation of judges and prosecutors fired by the vetting.

Since the vetting has started, not a single judge or prosecutor has been prosecuted, not less convicted. The need to investigate corruption in the judiciary, beyond the vetting has been included in conditions set down by the EU for the opening of EU accession talks. It has also been highlighted by the Netherlands.