From: Exit Staff
Folk Festival in Lezhe to Keep the Spirit of Traditional Albanian Music Alive

Between 9th-10th of November, a folk festival will take place in Lezhe.

Organised under the National Centre of Traditional Activities which is a governmental institution and a part of the Ministry of Culture, it aims to present and promote intangible cultural heritage to the public.

The Centre focuses on organising folk festivals and artisanal fairs to draw attention to the best of Albanian traditions.

Over two evenings, they have organised the Folkloric Festival of Rhapsodes and Popular Instrument Players in Lezhe, this year in its 11th edition. The event will bring together players of lahuta, ciftelia, laurrrria, zumarja, culja duare, and gajd- all traditional instruments of Albania.

Musicians taking part hail from all over Albania and bring with them the musical traditions of their homes. Areas represented include Lezhe, Peshkopi, Mat, Mallakastr, Shkozet, Bulqize, Lac, Kukes, Vau i Dejes, Puke, Vlore, Tropoje, Gramsh, Mirdite, and Has.

Prizes will be given to those taking part. The Gjok Nonaj prize is given in honour of his contribution to the lahuta.

It will take place from 6pm at the Tomb of Skanderbeg in Lezhe.