From: Exit Staff
Magistrates Dismissed by Vetting Could Lose Legal License

Magistrates who have been dismissed by a final decision of the vetting bodies will lose the lawyer’s license for five years if there are criminal charges against them.

The decision was taken on Friday afternoon by the National Council of the Albanian Chamber of Advocates.

The decision also affects those magistrates who have resigned without going through the vetting process.

To date, no judge, magistrate, or prosecutor has been prosecuted, let alone convicted, since the beginning of the vetting.

In June, the SPAK  received all the files of the vetting process for the 12 former judges of the Constitutional and Supreme Court, dismissed, but there is still no information on how the verification process is going so far.

This week, head of the Socialist Party Parliamentary Group Taulant Balla said that judges and prosecutors who were dismissed as a part of the vetting process should be punished.

The need to investigate corruption in the judiciary, beyond the vetting has been included in conditions set down by the EU for the opening of EU accession talks. It has also been highlighted by the Netherlands.