From: Alice Taylor
Government Ready to Open Regional Hospitals for COVID-19 Patients

Minister of Health Ogerta Manastirliu said that the government is ready to open regional hospitals to COVID-19 patients in the case that the four hospitals in Tirana become full.

She said that family doctors have treated 15,000 citizens and there are 360 in hospital at the moment.

The Minister also provided clarification on why the curfew has been imposed between 10 pm and 6 am.

“Late night bars are a source of infection. Activities in these environments, whether from socialising together or due to alcohol consumption, people relax and forget the social distancing measures.

These measures have been taken all over the world and we have not invented them.”

She stated that anyone wanting to leave the house during curfew hours must obtain permission from eAlbania.

In terms of those who have recovered from the virus, the Minister said that they will no longer test them. Instead, the family doctor will issue a certificate saying they no longer have the virus.

The Ministry and the Director of IPH Albana Fico said that schools will remain open as they are not hotbeds of infection. This is due, to their claim that asymptomatic cases do not transmit, or have little risk of transmitting the virus.

The WHO said that comprehensive studies on transmission from asymptomatic cases are needed to better understand the transmissibility of COVD-19.

‘WHO is working with countries around the world, and global researchers, to gain a better evidence-based understanding of the disease as a whole, including the role of asymptomatic patients in the transmission of the virus.”

They said that available evidence from the contact tracing reports from various countries shows that asymptomatic individuals are less likely to transmit the virus.