From: Alice Taylor
Patient Tries to Commit Suicide in Tirana COVID-19 Hospital

A man being treated for COVID-19 in Tirana tried to commit suicide today.

According to reports, he threw himself off a balcony on one of the higher levels of the hospital. Thankfully, he was not killed and he is now under the care of doctors. The incident happened at around 12:30 today.

There have been three suicides and two (including today) attempts taken by patients undergoing treatment in state hospitals in the last few months.

During August, two patients threw themselves from the upper floors of the institutions. Then on 4th November, a third patient took their life at the Shefqet Ndroqi hospital.

Exit has sent questions to the Ministry of Health asking for details of psychiatric care offered to patients and what their plan is to combat this phenomenon.

Since the start of the pandemic, there have been a speight of suicides in Albania, usually amongst older people. Exit Explains podcast brings you more on that topic below.