From: Alice Taylor
Exit News to Take Part in National Week of Integrity

Exit News is proud to announce that it will take part in the annual Week of Integrity, held between 1-9 of December.

The initiative is organised by the International Chamber of Commerce and it aims to raise awareness at a national and international level on the importance of integrity in business and society. Through a network of partners from different sectors, ethical behaviour, integrity, and a firm stance against corruption is promoted in business, government, academia, NGOs, and the media.

According to the official site:

“The Week of Integrity wants to stimulate the debate about what integrity means in practice for organizations and individuals. What can we expect from employees, officials and directors? But also, what is the responsibility of politicians? What do companies have to do, within Albania, but also abroad if they do business internationally?”

The project is funded by the European Union, in partnership with the Ministry of Justice, and will be televised by A2 Media, CNNs Albanian counterpart. It is supported by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Albania.

Other partners involved in the week-long event include the European Bank, OSCE Presence in Albania, the United Nations in Albania, Embassy of Sweden Tirana, BIRN, SciDEV, the Institute for Democracy and Mediation, several municipalities and a number of schools and universities from the public and private sector.

Exit News has organised the following events which will take place via Zoom, due to the current COVID-19 situation.

Breaking the Fake News Transmission Chain: Ho to Write With Integrity

Students from journalism, politics, and other social sciences will be tasked with analysing and identifying verified news, fake news, and unverifiable news from a range of online sources. Following this exercise and after a discussion on fake news and its impact, they will work to create a checklist for writing ethical articles and also on ensuring media they consume is accurate.

Political Communication vs Propaganda: Political Youth Have their Say

Expert Nevila Xhindi, Afrim Krasniqi, and Neritan Sejamini will address a group comprising of representatives from the youth of the Democratic Party, LSI, and Socialist Party. They will discuss, using examples, propaganda, communication strategy, and the ethics of political communication. The three groups will then draft a resolution for ethical communication in the political sphere.

Where is the line drawn between freedom of speech and defamation?

This roundtable will take place between students of law, media lawyers, media experts, and law professors. They will discuss how the law does and should regulate freedom of expression and speech and where it should step back. The discussion will also touch on self-regulation and whether defamation should be decriminalized as per international best practices.

Throughout the week, Exit will also be publishing a  number of articles on ethical media practices, anti-corruption, and other topics relating to integrity. There will also be a number of podcasts published including interviews and debates between those participating in the various events.