From: Exit Staff
Court Orders Albanian Government to Pay €400K to Employee Fired on Political Grounds

The Court of Fier in Albania has ordered Albpetrol, owned by the Albanian government, to pay €400,000 to its former employee Marjus Isufaj and his family.

In its October 26 verdict, the court argued that Isufaj was discriminated against and fired due to his political activity with the Socialist Movement for Integration.

Albpetrol fired the then head of the Electricity Supply Center (QSFSHE), Marjus Isufaj in October 2019. Isufaj then sued the company for illegal breach of employment contract. He won the case and the court ordered Albpetrol to pay Isufaj 21 salaries. The ruling was upheld by the appeals court.

In a second suit, Isufaj demanded non-contractual damages from Albpetrol to compensate for the emotional and psychological trauma he and his family suffered as a result of being discriminated against and fired because of his political beliefs.

The Fier court found all his allegations grounded, arguing that Isufaj’s immediate dismissal was illegal, and that Albpetrol had discriminated against him because of his political beliefs.