From: Alice Taylor
Albanian Prime Minister Claims Healthcare is On a Par With Developed Countries

Prime Minister Edi Rama stated that the Albanian health system is on a par with developed countries such as France, Italy and Turkey.

During his speech at the presentation of the platform ‘The MP we want’, Rama affirmed that Albanian hospitals have all the same conditions as developed countries.

“Albania in COVID hospitals has the same condition as in any other country. People go to Turkey because they want to, but no one is lacking here in battle, Turkey has fantastic things, but in this battle, neither Turkey, nor France, nor Italy has more than we have, from a logistical, pharmaceutical point of view or even professional ”

Rama called on citizens and politicians not to say any bad words about doctors because they are heroes and deserve respect.

In fact, Albania ranks second to last in Europe in terms of health care quality. In the Health Care Index covering January-June 2020, it ranked poorly for professionalism, modern equipment, ability to receive appropriate treatment, and overall service.

Albania scored 51.33 points out of a possible 100, surpassed only by Hungary in Europe. Overall, Albania came 85th out off 93 countries.

Albania also has the lowest number of doctors per 10,000 inhabitants in Europe and one of the lowest globally, according to a study by the World Health Organisation.

Just this week, both Orthodox Archbishop Anastasios, the Mufti of Shkodra, and Catholic Archbishop Frendo were both transported out of Albania for treatment for COVID-19.