From: Exit Staff
Administrative Court Rejects Request to Suspend International Bureau of Investigation Process

The Administrative Court has rejected the claim of one candidate to suspend the continuation of the competition process for the National Bureau of Investigation (BKH) until a decision has been taken by the court.

The media reports that the court has partially rejected the lawsuit of Ardit Elbasani and ruled not to suspend the process.

Elbasani filed a complaint in court against BKH in October, alleging that the proceedings were non-transparent and he was unfairly disqualified. He asked the court to suspend the process and revoke the decision to disqualify him.

In addition to the lawsuit, three other candidates have also filed complaints with the Administrative Court for being disqualified. They each complained about a lack of transparency during the tests, especially during the second stage. They raised issues in particular that candidates who received low scores on the logic test were allowed to proceed, while some of those who received maximum points were disqualified.

The disqualified, through comments, have asked the head of BKH Aida Hajnas, to appear publicly and clarify the situation created in the tests. They say that Dritan Prenci, Enkelejda Millonai, Vladimir Mara, the SPAK Chief Prosecutor, Arben Kraja, and the director of BKH, Aida Hajnaj, manipulated the competition, abused their office and falsified documents.