From: Alice Taylor
Democratic Party Leader Clarifies His Role in Kosovo War Crimes Investigation

Democratic Party leader Lulzim Basha stated that in Kosovo he has only worked in administrative positions and never in investigative roles, especially relating to the Kosovo Liberation Army.

Invited to the show Opinion, Basha stated that he has worked in Mitrovica, Gjilan and Prishtina:

“In Mitrovica [, I was] a legal officer, but at the start, I was a translator, but my initial recruitment was as a legal officer.

Secondly, in Pristina, I worked for almost a year and a half and was responsible for the US area of ​​administration of Kosovo.

In the area of ​​Gjilan I worked for the establishment and oversight of Kosovo justice, i.e an administrative role and not an investigative one. “

Basha later said that he also worked as a special assistant to the director of the justice department who was the de facto minister of justice of Kosovo ‘which consisted of transferring work from UNMIK and setting up the ministry of Kosovo.’

“After that, my duties in Kosovo ended and I  joined the Democratic Party,” said Basha.

“It is as clear as daylight for anyone who knows anything about the UNMIK, that Lulzim Basha, even if he wanted, could not have access to any single page of any single investigation, about any Albanian, any fighter or the Kosovo Liberation Army ” he concluded.

The Socialist Party including Prime Minister Edi Rama and Head of the Parliamentary Group Taulant Balla have made a series of allegations and insinuations against Basha regarding his involvement in investigations into alleged war crimes in Kosovo and Albania.

The Director for Europe of the independent human rights organization Human Rights Watch Lotte Leicht criticised Prime Minister Edi Rama for slandering the EU and US-backed Kosovo Specialist Court. She questioned why he is defending those accused of crimes and criticized him for calling the Special Court “an assault on the inviolable justice of the liberation war.”

Leicht added that Rama’s attempt to use the Kosovo court as a weapon against the Albanian opposition was “shameful and misguided.”