39 Successful BKH Candidates Announced Amid Abuse of Office Claims

39 Successful BKH Candidates Announced Amid Abuse of Office Claims
39 candidates have successfully passed the next test to become part of the National Bureau of Investigation.In an official announcement, BKH writes that the winners will now. complete the asset declaration and undergo the polygraph test.” The Selection Commission on 19.11.2020, closed the Interview and Selection of Candidates Phase, for further stages of the competition.

Qualified candidates are ranked in order from 1 to 39. Qualified candidates will complete the declaration of assets. Qualified candidates will be subject to the Polygraph Test. “

The process has been marred with controversy after a number of applicants complained over a lack of transparency in the process. Seven even filed complaints in court requesting that their disqualification from the race be invalidated. They claim that

Dritan Prenci, Enkelejda Millonai, Vladimir Mara, the SPAK Chief Prosecutor, Arben Kraja, and the director of BKH, Aida Hajnaj, manipulated the competition, abused their office and falsified documents.

They also wrote that among the 103 qualified candidates for the next stage, most had received very few points in the logic test. While among the 300 disqualified were those who had received the maximum points in the test.

The disqualified, through comments, have asked the head of BKH Aida Hajnas, to appear publicly and clarify the situation created in the tests.

Additionally, they asked for the process to be suspended pending the decision of the court but the Administrative Court rejected that claim.

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