From: Exit Staff
Albania Comes 74th in Good Country List 2020

Albania has ranked at number 74 out of 149 countries on the Good Country List 2020.

In terms of science and technology, it rates average for international publications, international students, and journal exports. For Nobel prizes and patents, it scored less than average.  

In culture, the country performed much better than average for its creative goods and services exports but was only ranked as average for press freedom and freedom of movement.

For international peacekeeping and security, Albania performed poorly, ranking 106 overall. This was due to a low contribution of peacekeeping troops and mediocre performance in internet security. It also received a low score for world order, ranking way below average for refugees hosted and generated and charity giving. 

In the section on health and wellbeing, Albania performed below average in all criteria including humanitarian aid donations, voluntary donations, food aid, and pharmaceutical exports. This could be attributed to the fallout from the 2019 earthquake and the COVID-19 pandemic.

In terms of prosperity and equality, the country scored poorly for foreign direct investment outflows but above average for open trading.

Top of the list was Sweden, followed by Denmark, Germany, Canada and the Netherlands. 

North Macedonia ranked at number 32, Montenegro at 44, Greece at 45, Serbia at 49, Turkey at 56, and Bosnia and Herzegovina at 62 making Albania the worst performer by a large margin, in the region.

Albania was also beaten by Ukraine, Kenya, Oman and Kyrgyzstan but performed better than Mexico, Rwanda, Tunisia and Mongolia.

Bottom of the list was Libya, followed by Yemen, Guinea, Mauritania, and Iraq.