From: Exit Staff
COVID-19 Measures Respected in Schools

The Minister of Education said that all measures against COVID-19 in schools are respected.

During a press conference with Prime Minister Edi Rama, she said that she has closely inspected schools including several unannounced visits.

“I assure you that the awareness of students and teachers is at the maximum. Students are more protected in the classroom than when they play outside or other environments.”

She said that the government is informed daily regarding the number of infected teachers.

Rama said that schools are not hotbeds of infection and that the decision to close them is that of the Committee of Experts.

“What opens and closes is the decision of the authorized authorities who have all the expertise and legal authority to make decisions during these difficult times. Schools are not considered a hotbed but as a space, like all other spaces, it definitely has its own potential for danger.”The Education Minister’s comments come at a time when a number of schools throughout the country do not have running water or basic sanitation.