From: Exit Staff
Montenegrin Leader’s Life Threatened by Regional Criminal Gang, URA Party Warns

The United Reform Action (URA) party in Montenegro has denounced threats to its leader Dritan Abazović and his family, and warned that they will hold the head of police responsible if anything happens to the politician.

“We have information that a regional criminal gang wants to endanger his and his family’s lives […] If something happens to Dritan Abazović or one of his family members, the director of the Police Administration, Veselin Veljović, and other leaders of the security sector will bear direct responsibility,” Zoran Mikić of URA stated in a press conference on Tuesday, Vijesti reports.

Mikić added that Abazović has received dozens of threats, and people even gathered in front of his house in Ulcinj. He didn’t give further information on the identity of the individuals believed to threaten his party leader.

The Montenegrin police said it is taking care of Abazović’s security and it will inform state institutions if it deems his life to be in danger.

Prime Minister-designate Zdravko Krivokapić called on state authorities to “urgently take all measures to protect Mr.Abazović but also other citizens”.

This is the second time in a month that URA denounced death threats against its leader.

Dritan Abazović, an Albanian-Montenegrin, led his party to become the kingmaker in the last election. 

URA has agreed to be part of the new government, which will be led by Zdravko Krivokapić, the leader of “For the future of Montenegro”, a coalition of Serbian parties. Abazović has pledged to keep the country in NATO, and in its pro-Western, EU path, after election campaign promises by the winning Serbian parties to strengthen ties with Russia.