From: Exit Staff
Upcoming Event: Breaking the Fake News Transmission Chain- How to Write with Integrity

On 9 December, Exit News in collaboration with the Science and Innovation For Development Centre (SiDEV) will host a workshop on combatting fake news. It’s organised within the framework of the Week of Integrity in Albania, 2020.

The panel will consist of Alice Taylor, Co-Editor at and Board Member of the Ethical Media Alliance, Blerjana Bino, Co-Founder of SCiDEV and Safe Journalists Network Researcher, Rezearta Caushaj, Investigative Journalist at, Bledar Qalliu, Senior Editor at and Blerina Fani, Legal Expert.

The workshop will discuss the impact of fake news on media and the public. Those in attendance will then work at identifying fake news, unverified news, and verified news from a range of local online portals. Following that activity, they will work to create a checklist of how to discern verified and unverified news. They will then work on creating a checklist of points for creating their own verified work.

There will be time for discussion and questions and it provides an opportunity for young people to engage further in media and civil society projects. It also aims to increase media literacy in journalists and other students.

It will take place on 9 December at 11am.

The event is open to students of journalism, politics, law and humanities, or those interested in pursuing a career in media. Those wishing to take part can register here.

To view the event, you can follow the social media accounts of Exit and SCiDEV where it will be streamed live.