From: Exit Staff
Ruling Socialists Suggest Albania’s EU Talks Could Fail Due to Bulgaria’s Veto on N. Macedonia

The Secretary General of the ruling Socialist Party, Taulant Basha has suggested that Albania’s progress in EU accession could be hindered by Bulgaria’s veto on North Macedonia due to their disputes.

Balla told journalists on Wednesday that German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s skepticism on starting EU talks with Albania in December was due to the alleged fact that she has to express the sensitivities of countries like Bulgaria, who has vetoed North Macedonia’s start of talks.

“We must not forget that Germany speaks out all the sensitivities of member states. If there are countries like, for instance like the dispute between Bulgaria and North Macedonia, who have used their veto in Coreper in setting the date for the first international conference, it shows that there is no consensus between the 27 member states,” Balla said.

He added that Germany hasn’t changed its support for Albania’s start of EU talks.

On Monday, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that EU talks with North Macedonia could start in December, but it’s unlikely that the same happens with Albania.

The ambassadors of EU member states had to postpone today’s meeting due to a lack of consensus on opening talks with the two Balkan countries.

A number of EU member states are insisting that Albania meets all the conditions set by the European leaders in March 2020 before it sits in negotiations. Chief among those are a functional Constitutional Court and implementation of the electoral reform. Bulgaria says it will veto North Macedonia’s talks over a dispute related to language and national identity.