From: Exit Staff
Appeal of Criminal Gang Postponed for 41st Time

The trial of Emiliano Shullazi’s gang has been postponed for the 41st time in the Special Court of Appeals for Organized Crime.

The hearing scheduled for Thursday has been postponed because Shullazi’s lawyer is infected with Covid-19.

The Shullazi gang case has been in this court since 2018.

In 2018, Emiliano Shullazi, Blerim Shullazi, Gilmand Dani, Endrit Qyqja and Endrit Zela were sentenced to 55 years in prison –  14 years only for Emiliano Shullazi  – on charges of being involved in a structured criminal group, destruction of property with explosives, taking property under threat and violence to businessmen Ylvi Beqja, Jani Zaka and Adriatik Kërcuku.

The case has been appealed and since January 2019 the group remains in custody. The process has been continuously postponed for about 41 sessions. Earlier in September 2019, for lack of evidence, the prosecution withdrew from money laundering charges.

Under Albanian law, there is no limit to how many times a case can be postponed. There is however a time limit of one year in place, after which a decision must be made by the judge. This time is not counted during periods where the case is suspended for legal reasons or postponed due to the request of involved parties.