From: Exit News
Kosovo-Serbia Dialogue Resumes Next Week at Expert Level 

The dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia will resume on Wednesday, December 10, at expert level.

Chief negotiators of both sides and their teams are expected to meet in Brussels in the dialogue mediated by the European Union, according to a statement on Friday by Peter Stano, the EU Spokesperson for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy.

Stano said a meeting may be held in Brussels next week, but avoided details on the agenda.

The last dialogue meeting was held on 29 October.

Back then the two sides disagreed on how to deal with the issue of the Association of Serb-majority Municipalities. It prompted EU envoy Miroslav Lajcak to visit both countries to find a solution.

Serbia wants to renegotiate the establishment of the ASM while Kosovo insists it will implement an already signed agreement, without specifying when and how. The disagreement on the ASM seems to have hindered the Brussels dialogue since October.